Saturday, 7 December 2013

Creating simple Bar chart in Tableau

                                             Creating simple Bar chart in Tableau

This is my first post on Tableau. Tableau is a fantastic data visualization tool. It help us to create some fantastic dashboards using this tool.

In this post we will learn how to create a simple bar chart in the dashboard.

As shown in the above screen shot, my data contains list of countries the regions and sub-region in which they falls.

We will now create a bar chart which will display the no. of countries according to the regions.

Step1: Drag and drop Region field in the dimension section to columns and Number of countries field in the row section.

A graph will be plotted automatically as shown in the above figure.

Step2: To add label to the graph, drag and drop the 'number of countries' field in the label section.

Now the labels is visible on the graph

Step3: Now we will color the graph according to the 'Number of countries'. The darker the color the larger the number of countries available in the region.

Step4: Sort the graph according to the number of countries. Go to column field and click on the 'Region' field and select the option sort -> ascending-> sort by field-> click OK.

You can also sort the chart in descending order by selecting the descending option.

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