Sunday, 16 February 2014

Select INTO in SQL

Select INTO in SQL

Select into is used to make a new table which will contain the data that is the result set of the query in which it is used.

For Example:

Consider a name named 'Test' structure of which is as below

Now, we will try this with a simple query as below

Select * into test123 from test

a new table named 'test123' will be created in the same database in which the 'test' table exists. The test123 table will be exactly like the test table. so both table will have the same schema and same data in it.

Now, we will add condition to the above query as follows:

Select fname,lname into test123 from test where lname like 'abc'

In this  case, a table will be created with name 'test123' which will have only two column fname and lname and also only two rows from the table test will be copied into test123 which satisfies the condition of lname like 'abc'

Select Into is generally used to make a backup of a particular data set.

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