Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stack Chart in SSRS

Stack Chart in SSRS 2008

For stack chart we will try to show Expense, online profit and offline profit according to locales in SSRS

Stack Chart in SSRS 2008, SSRS basics
  • Drag n Drop charts from the toolbox to the report
  • select stack chart from the options
  • In values section, select expenses, online revenue and offline revenue and select locale in category
Now my main focus should be on expenses but since the number is too low it is not quite visible in stack chart, hence here I will have to use calculate vertical axis as logarithmic, to do show execute following steps

  • Right click on vertical axis and select vertical axis property
  • Select "Use logarithmic Scale" and click on OK. You will observe that know the vertical axis is calculated logarithmic-ally
  • Click on preview window and preview the chart


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